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My Zoom teleprompter setup

App flow

With COVID sending most conferences online this year, I upgraded my desk setup for giving presentations remotely, adding a teleprompter to the mix.

Using a teleprompter enables you to look right into the the camera, instead of off to the side as with a typical webcam.

On Zoom calls, this means being able to make eye contact with the person you’re speaking with.

When presenting, it means you can read your speaker notes without looking away from the camera:

Video output

I think the results are worth it:

Video output

Signal chain

Video output

Getting the signal chain right takes some work. I use an audio mixer to create two mixes: one for my headphones (with the audio output from Zoom and live monitoring of the microphone) and another of just my microphone for the Zoom input. See How to Set up a Mix Minus for Recording Skype for the guide I used.

Signal chain

Gear list

Wide view of office