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The Culture Map by Erin Meyer

For a good idea of the ground the book covers, I’d recommend listening to this interview with the author, in which she covers the main points of the book:

On my team at GitHub, we have people from over a half-dozen countries. There is a hefty amount of differences in such a culturally diverse environment to reconcile to work together effectively. One of my teammates recommended I read The Culture Map to learn about how and why cultures differ. As it turns out, it taught me that I am, by most measures, quite German!

The eight scales

Author Erin Meyer places the same 30-odd cultures on eight different spectrums:

The root of differences

For each scale, Meyer gives examples of what influences a culture’s position on the given spectrum:

My place on the map

Despite being born and raised in America, I most closely align with the German culture on most of the scales. This finding isn’t a huge surprise, as I am the first to admit the influence of my mother’s German ancestry (both parents) on my upbringing.